Zip Ties...because you never know....

Things are starting to open up again down here in Florida. Whether that is bad or good, right or wrong, is completely irrelevant to this post. The fact is, things are opening. And Wiggy and I are (safely) venturing out to explore.

Last week we stayed a few days at an RV park in Hobe Sound. I don't have much to say about it; very basic, no frills, but clean and pleasant enough. I did chat with my "neighbor" Jamie a few times and he was friendly and nice. His dog Ruthie came over to visit a few times and Wiggy did really well with her. I so want her to have some doggy friends!

Yesterday we left Hobe Sound and headed North and West to Wauchaula. We were up and out with plenty of time to stop and visit with Dad and Nina before beginning our trek. It was really good to see them-they are both so supportive and happy for me. Dad was doing his "dad" thing; full of advice and experience. Over the years I've learned to pay attention, he knows what he is talking about. As I was getting ready to go, Dad gave me a toolbox of necessities he had put together. I watched and listened as he showed me a vice grip, a hammerhead and regular screw driver, all commonly used and useful. I didn't tell him that I had most of this already. Like I said, I've learned that he knows what he is doing. So I just listened. Almost as an afterthought, he threw in a handful of Zip Ties, because, he said, you never know. I did not already have those.

I hit the road then, on my way to finally make use of the camping membership I purchased when this journey began. I stopped at the store to stock up for the next two weeks, and then stopped again to fill up the tank. About an hour into the trip, as I passed a mini-mart, and I realized I needed one more thing. I pulled in, told Wiggy to "Guard the Camper!", and ran inside.

When I came out, something at the back of the camper caught my eye. What was that hanging down near the back of the vehicle? I never saw that before. I bent down and looked underneath and discovered it was the sewage pipe for the gray and black water tanks. WHAT?? How and when did that happen? This did not bode well, so I crawled under the camper for a closer look.

Yup, I had a problem. The sewage pipe is attached to the vehicle by two large round clamps, one at either end of the pipe. One bolt at the top of each clamp attaches it to the vehicle and at the bottom is another bolt that holds the pipe within it. At least that is how it is supposed to be. In this case, there was nothing holding the clamp closed and that is why it was hanging down. I looked all over the ground under the vehicle-no nut, no bolt. I had no idea when or where it had come loose and fallen off. I knew I couldn't drive any further like this, but there was now way I was gonna admit defeat that easily.

I sat back and considered my options. I considered what I might have with me that could hold that clamp together long enough to get me to my destination.

And then it hit me. Zip Ties! I grabbed my new toolbox and got to work securing the pipe at the bottom. I check the bolt at the top and found it was loose, so I tightened that also. On a whim, I decided to check the clamp at the other end. The bottom of the clamp seemed pretty secure, but at the top there was no nut securing the bolt. I grabbed another handful of Zip Ties and pulled them tight. I added a couple of heavy duty bungees for extra security and checked and re-checked my work. It was the best I was gonna do under the circumstances. So I got back in the cab and was on my way. I pulled over a few times to check underneath and see if things were holding up. They were, and so here I am. Safe and sound, albeit more than a little pissed off at the dealership for the experience. I'll be dealing with that soon enough. For now, it is all about the Zip Ties, because you never know....

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