User Error, Technical Difficulties and What the H*LL have I gotten Myself Into?!

When I bought my new home, one of the things I got (supposedly) was an orientation detailing how all the different components worked. The problem is, and was, I didn't know all the things I didn't know, until I needed to know them. And by then it was too late.

There's a vehicle battery and a house battery. There's a generator and there's propane. There's 30 Amps aand 110AC vs 220AC. There's 9V vs 12V DC. There's city water and a fresh water tank and a water heater aand a water pump and a water heater. And then there is the slide.

THE SLIDE. The part that opens aand closes aand turns my vehicle into a home. The part that enables sleeping vs driving. The deciding factor over this motorhome and another. It is not working properly. In fact, it is not working at all. And I am not 100% certain that I am not doing something wrong.

I'm under warranty aand I am trying to be calm. But I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. Maybe I should just trade it all in for a backpack, a tent, a water canteen aand a campfire.....seriously....

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