When it came time to leave my most recent Thousand Trails campground, I learned it would be at least another week until the motor for the RV slide was ready. I also had a week before another Thousand Trails stay so I decided to make the most of it and sneak in visiting to Land Between the Lakes. That was the plan as I drove out the gates.

As I headed towards the main road, I noticed that the first house I passed was having a garage sale. And so was the next one. And the next. All the way as far as I could see, on both sides of the street, were garage sales. It was Wednesday! Obviously, something was going on.

It turns out, Oktoberfest was going on. Oktoberfest is a very big deal in this part of the world. It lasts from Wednesday through Sunday, there are truck shows and music and kid's events and garage sales and crafts and vendors of all kinds. I learned that I could secure a vendor spot for all 4 days-and camp there at night-for $10.00. So, change in plans, LBL was going to have to wait. This was a great opportunity to hopefully sell some of the jewelry I've made.

Well, the weather was not especially cooperative. Hurricane Delta's remnants poured down and I did not make a killing, so to speak. But I camped for virtually nothing, i met and commiserated with lots of people and all in all, it was a good experience. No regrets!

Here are some pics from the area here in Western Tennessee...

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