And So it Begins...

This is it. It finally feels real. While I have been bouncing around from campsite to park, and dealership to family/friend visit, and loving every minute, it was all really just practice and warmup.

Wiggy had her surgery and is doing great. I've said my farewells (not goodbyes!) And gassed up the motorhome. Actually, Dad gassed up the motorhome-thanks Dad!! And then I hit the road.

Rather than driving on I95, I headed north on Rt.1. Slower going, but what's the rush. Life is a journey, not a destination, or something like that...

We arrived at our campground with plenty of daylight left, so Wigz and I took a good walk around checking things out and then came back to set up camp. I'm here near the Kennedy Space Center until early next week.

After that, who knows!

Pictures to follow in the next couple of days.

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