Today I Jumped into the Hudson River...Fully Clothed...on Purpose....

Yes. I did. No. I''m not joking. That is how much I love my dog.

I found a great boondocking spot last night in Hudson, NY. at Hudson Valley Riverside Park. Hudson is a little town, pretty far upstate, on the West side of the river. Much of the place has been gentrified, but near the park, most of the small town charm still remains.

I woke up to a beautiful morning, crisp and cool, with just a little fog misting over the mountains across the river. The Catskill Mountains, I think they are. Bleu and I headed out for walk through the park and around the neighborhood. All was well and right with the world. So far.

When we got back, i went inside to take care of a few things and left Bleu outside to soak up the sun. Of course I attached his leash to a longer line so he could reach that perfect spot for his nap.

I finished my "chores" and went outside. I was really in no hurry to leave such a beautiful spot and Bleu was pretty content as well. I decided to move us over to a bench under a tree, closer to the river. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.


Bleu loves the water, and for the record, he is quite a good swimmer. So when he wanted to take a little dip, I let him...leash and line still attached to his collar. He was having such a grand old time that I let go of my end of the line to give him some more room. And he was just swimming along like the pro that he is. Until he wasn't. He appeared to be just treading water and staying in place and i realized the line was caught on something!! He was not panicking, but definitely starting to flail about.

So I did what I had to do. I dove into the Hudson and swam out to get him. I unhooked his leash and swam back with an arm around him. We got cheers and claps as we climbed up the rocks to the shore, and Bleu has since had more treats than I can count. And I still have my dog, and that is all that matters right now.

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