Today, I built a closet....

Really, I did. And I am rather proud of my efforts. I'd say it was good use of an otherwise rainy and dreary day. (Although now it is sunny and hot and muggy It feels like just like Florida!) Someday, if I can get past the technical issues that I have been having, I'll even post some pictures.

It seems that many of my posts have disappeared into the same great void that holds mismatched socks, lighters and my winning lottery ticket. No matter. I'm still alive and well, as I hope that you all are too. I am writing this from the Southwest part of North Carolina. It is truly beautiful. The green of the trees and the blue of the sky (when not raining) seem so pure and intense. The air is clean and the pace is slow. And it seems that everyone loves dogs, and that includes Wiggy...she makes friends on a daily basis. It is so wonderful to see her out of her shell! Plus, she is learning to swim....I'll save that story for another day.

My plan, very much subject to change, is to start driving the Blue Ridge Parkway at the end of next week. I'd like to take it all the way to the beginning (I'll be starting at the end...), but it may depend on Covid closures and quarantines. One day at a time.

I'm going to try my luck at posting some pictures directly to my photo gallery, which you can access from the home page. Wish me luck!

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