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The Same, but Different...

It is hard to believe how much Bleu has come to mean to me, and how quickly. He is big, so sometimes I forget he is still just a puppy. Then he does something so goofy or so clumsy and just totally cracks me up. He is guaranteed to provide at least one belly laugh a day.

Of course, I still miss Wigz, and love her with all i have. As my first dog, as an adult on my own, she had so much to teach and I had so much to learn. Love, joy, trust, responsibility, forgiveness.....together Wigz and I covered all of those topics and more. I am forever grateful for the joy of having her in my life.

Bleu has some lessons of his own for me. It has quickly become apparent that Bleu is a much more social creature than Wigz and I combined. While Wiggy did like people and was happy to see them, she was more than content to just hang out one on one with me. Other dogs were tolerated as necessary, but avoided if possible. Me, I have always been an introvert and loner. It seemed like a perfect doggy/mommy match!

Along comes Bleu! If ever Wigz had a person"dog"anality opposite, Bleu is it. He loves everyone and everything! All he wants to do is play and he makes that known to every dog we cross paths with. He greets every human with a wagging tail and gleeful sniff.

My first lesson has been "the dog park". Wow! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching Bleu and the other puppers run and jump and play.i could watch for hours and never get bored. The other dog owners are easy to talk to...we all have at least one thing in common. Both Bleu and I have made some new friends.

Here are some pics

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