Strange Day...

I woke up to rain, just a little drizzle, but enough to pull the covers back up and sleep for a while longer. To be able to do that has always been a rare luxury for me; the epitome of decadence. I always had to get up and be somewhere, usually work. Now that I can do it whenever I want, I seem to get a little tinge of guilt whenever I do. I still enjoy it though!!

I've been thinking a lot about life lately. And having several, very vivid, very real, dreams, every night. The dreams mostly involve persons from my past reappearing in my now. Or else they are situations with these persons that seem to be in the past, but never actually happened. It's pretty disconcerting and I firmly believe that our dreams all have meanings specific to our current lives. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out their meanings but find myself lost lately. At one point, I had a client who interpreted dreams for a living

She actually had a degree from a real school to do so! I wonder where she is now....

I'm sitting outside my RV writing this. Wiggy is completely crashed out next to me. I keep checking to make sure she is breathing. She got hold of, and yes, killed, a full grown armadillo today. I won't give you the gory details but it was pretty gross for me to see and apparently utterly exhausting for her. Sigh.... my sweet gentle living dog is a hunter. And there is no changing that. I'm just glad she does not hunt people!

Anyway, my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. But I'm hanging tight. I hope you all are as well.


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