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Spontaneous decision made my day!

Woke up to rain again today but pretended I didn't notice and set off for Silver Springs State Park. On the way I noticed a sign for Lake Griffin State Park entrance. Hmmmmmm. Never heard of it. So I turned in

. The parking lot was empty save one other car. Apparently most people had noticed the rain. As Wiggy and I got out of the car, a woman, dressed for hiking in the rain, got out of the only other car. And that is how I met Christina🙂.

We decided to hike together and it turns out we had quite a lot in common, especially a love of nature, the wilderness and travel. And Wiggy liked her too!

I never did get to Silver Springs- maybe on my way back-but finding a new friend was even better. I'm so glad I took that turn into the park! Here are a few pictures:

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