Skunks Stink....

Really, really badly. Just sayin'.

So I had been staying at Green River Lake State Park in Campbellsville, KY. (Is it a river? Is it a lake? I am not really sure, but it sure was beautiful!) In fact, Wiggy and I loved it so much that we stayed a couple of extra days. Plus, the best part, was seeing an old Glen Rock friend and her husband and spending some time catching up. Seeing them is how and why I went there in the first place. I did not get a chance to say goodbye and for that I am sorry. I blame Wiggy and the skunk and I hope they will forgive me!

What happened was....there was this hole in the ground. This hole went under this drainage ditch. Wiggy really liked the hole and had to visit it every day. And every day she would dig in it, deeper and deeper until I dragged her away. She would dig and sniff and whine and cry.

On our last day there, we were all packed up and ready to go, I took her for a walk before we left. She went right to the hole by the drainage ditch. Of course. I felt bad cuz I knew she liked it there and didn't want to leave, so I let her dig. And dig.

BIG MISTAKE! She comes out of the hole with, you guessed it, a skunk. I yelled for her to Leave It, but it was too late. The skunk has done what skunks do and it was bad, really, really bad. It was horrible.

So, back to the campsite we go, gagging all the way. Bath time. I read online to use tomato juice or anything acidic. I had vinegar and used that. Twice. Then a third time. OMG. She still reeked and so did everything she touched. And we had to get on the road.

So we drove 3 1/2 hours with the windows down to our next destination. I continue to rub her down with vinegar, which does not smell wonderful either, btw. And slowly, very slowly, I think the stench is starting to fade. Either that or I am becoming nose blind....

This scenario was not mentioned anywhere in any of the "what is like to live fulltime in an RV" blogs that I read!

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