Shamrock, Tx. to Oklahoma City.

Following Rt. 66 as much as possible, I stayed overnight on Shamrock night before last and landed in Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon. Shamrock itself is pretty rundown and the remains of Rt. 66 are just that-remains. Wigz aand I took a walk around the old structures and highway before we headed East. There are lots of pictures in the gallery.

Next stop...Cadillac Ranch!! So much more colorful than Shamrock, to say the least. Graffiti is encouraged aand the ground is littered with empty spray cans. Lots of people were milling about and my favorite was a young boy about 8yo. He had a spray paint can in each hand and was running around telling everyone that this was the best trip ever!!

Landed safely in Oklahoma City not much later. Discovered the Rt. 66 park that I had no idea existed and wandered around and played with Wiggy for an hour or so. It was sunny and warm, almost 70 degrees, and very enjoyable.

Waking up to fog aand mist this morning, but determined to see the National Memorial before I go.

Have a great day everyone!

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