Rain and Wind

Woke up to a pretty nasty day but chose to head downtown anyway. I'm here and likely won't be again, so I thought I might as well take a look around.

20 minutes later I parked in a lot on Dauphin St. I let Wiggy take the lead and choose a direction and she walked us right into a woman-literally-getting out of her own car and who just happened to LOVE dogs, especially bully breeds. Amazing. How could she (Wiggy) have possibly known?!?!? The woman was very nice and worked right around the corner at a restaurant and invited us to stop for lunch after sightseeing, which we did.

Due to the weather we did not stay very long or see much, but here are some pictures.

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I met a really nice woman today. I knew she was nice because of her smile. Not the smile she gave me when we introduced ourselves (although that smile was nice too), but the smile I just caught a glim