Oops...I did it again....

Ok... I've been offline for a bit too long...again. back in the day, I would get so wrapped up in recording and documenting everything in my life that I never actually lived it. Now it's the opposite. I'm so wrapped up in life that I don't keep in touch and neglect human connection. I'm sure there is a happy medium. I'm working to find it.

So. I'm still in Florida. I have completely emptied my storage unit and cut that tie. Wigz has a vet appointment tomorrow and will likely need to have a few "sunspots" removed early next week. After that, Covid be damned!!

It is time for me to really get moving. I plan to head North. I really want to explore the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee and the Carolinas. I absolutely want to go to Doylestoen, PA. And my final destination of this "first leg", I so badly want to see and explore my paternal grandparents home and business and community.
Here are some pictures from the last few days/weeks.

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