One Week

I think it has been a full week since I let go of my girl. I say I think because, frankly, it is all pretty blurry. If you were to ask me where I'd been or what I'd done, I would not know how to answer. But I've got some really beautiful photos on my phone, so apparently I've done more than sit and cry. I'll share the pics at the end of this post.

So. Now what? I'm still hurting, that is likely to be my norm for a while. Its tempting to just hunker down, right here and right now, and sleep for the next year or so. But I don't think Wiggy would approve. So like I just said, now what?

If there is one piece of advice that has been consistent among my advice-givers, it is to not make any major decisions just yet. And considering that I currently struggle greatly with decisions such as which contact lens to put in first, I think it is sound advice. Great, but it doesn't really help with the "now what" question.

For now, I'm going to continue my trek North. I made that decision while Wigz was still with me and changing it would be a decision unto itself. And perhaps returning to familiar areas will be helpful. We'll see.

Here are some of those pictures:

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