On the Road Again...

Finally!! I was stationary and offline for way too long! It is a long (and boring) story, so suffice it to say that I spent a whole lot longer in Florida than I intended. And it was hot, so so hot. And humid. I don't even remember what a good hair day is!

But I'm traveling now, and very happy about it. I spent a few days in Paris, Paris Mountain Park that is. That is in South Carolina, and while I'm not a big fan of the State overall, I loved the Park.

Now I'm in North Carolina, at a place I found on the hipcamp website. Wow! I'm parked beside a running stream and fall asleep to the sound of it gurgling by, there is forest on one side and farmland on the other. I may never leave!!

But I am anxious to make the trek up north that I originally planned for this time last year. In a few days I will head onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and ride it to the end in Virginia. I'm so excited to see old friends and long familiar places!

I hope you are all well and healthy. For me, its great to be back!

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