Most Cliches are True

I've had little to no internet for a while, but I've had no lack of experiences to tell you about. But I'm not going to. I could, but I am kinda tired of writing things like, I went here and saw this, I went there and saw that. This journey is so much more than that, especially lately. So here goes: some random thoughts, feelings, experiences and (hopefully) a better picture is what my journey is all about.

Wiggy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was such a central part of my journey, originally, that it took me a while to figure out how to continue. My perspective has changed and so have my goals. But, finally, I am moving forward.

I have adopted Bleu.

He is about as different from Wiggy as there could be. Today, in fact, is our two week Adoption anniversary. I love him with all my heart.

This morning we woke up in Morris, NY., at a Harvest Host location. It was a very new, just beginning, 120 acre, animal rescue and sanctuary. Now, Harvest Host is traditionally a one night stay, but I arranged with the host to stay for a week. And frankly, even that was not nearly long enough. This was a place where clichéd phrases are written.

Each day, my face was caressed by a warm breeze, my senses were filled with the heady scent of wildflowers, and in the evenings, I was entertained by the twinkling dance of fireflies. Sound corny? Perhaps. But truer than I have ever known before. It was terribly hard to drive away.

I've found a nice spot to boondock tonight. Bleu lies next to me, tired and content.

I am excited for tomorrow, when I will see and spend some time with Christina, my very first friend made on this journey.

Here are some pictures:

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