Lotsa Catching Up To Do...

It's no great secret that losing Wigglez hit me hard, really, really hard. I've spent the last month or so grieving and healing. There have been a lot of two steps forward and one step back. I've come a long way, but even now I still have moments when a memory brings a wave of grief so powerful it drops me to my knees and I let loose a fresh flood of tears. Thankfully, those moments are interspersed with even more memories that bring a smile to my face and occasionally even a giggle or two. Wiggly was a truly special girl and I will never forget her. I hold tight to the knowledge that I'll see her again one day when it is my time to cross the infamous Rainbow Bridge.

For me, the best place to heal has been primarily at the home of the best friend a girl could have. I have a huge debt of gratitude to my friend Bonnie and her wonderful family. I am more thankful than I can say for how generously you all opened your home and hearts to me. You let me mourn and at the same time showed me that life can still be good. You reminded me how to smile and have fun. Thank you.

So I spent most of the last month living amongst two dogs, a bunch of horses, a cat, a five year old, two kids who are now grown but since I saw them as newborns, still count as kids, and of course, Bonnie and Todd. I got to be part of family dinner almost every night, I got to ride Miley a couple of times, I sat by the pool, I banged a hammer at Ringing Rocks, had a quick visit to LBI and saw the Moravian Tile Factory. And Rigby slept with me quite a few nights, healing my heart.

An added bonus was the chance to visit with some actual family as well. It turns out my cousin Greta lives just 5 minutes from Bonnie! We got to spend some time together and we were even joined once by her sister, also my cousin, Vivian. Reminiscing about our crazy childhood was so much fun. Then I got to spend a night at my cousin David's country home, where he and his husband made me a yummy dinner and we had such a nice time talking and catching up.

Finally, I spent the last two nights in Cape May, NJ. Just Bonnie and I, boondocking at Sunset Beach. There will always be something special to me about the Jersey Shore.

There is more, of course, but I think I hit the highlights. Bonnie is headed home to PA and I took the ferry over to DE to see the wild ponies on Assategue Island. It feels strange to be by myself again. Not bad strange, but just different.

My journey continues...

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