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So, I am in Wyoming... boondocked beside Twin Buttes lake on public access land. For the better part of the last hour I have been sitting on my couch, staring out the window, completely mesmerized. Not 100 yards away is a family of red fox. Mama fox, Papa fox and 4 (at last count) little fox pups. The pups are chasing each other around, jumping and tackling, pouncing and rolling and playing with sheer abandon and joy. Have you ever seen a litter of domestic puppies? Picture that, on steroids!

Earlier today, I took a walk around the lake, with Bleu, of course. He was having a grand ole' time, in and out of the water, chasing pelicans and gulls, and sniffing everything in his path. At one point he stopped in his tracks and just stared out across the water. I followed his gaze and saw a tiny dot. (It is a big lake) I grabbed the binoculars around my neck (I know, total tourist!!) and focused. It was an elk. An elk, swimming across the lake. I didn't even know they could swim and I have only ever seen them in a preserve. I watched until it reached the shore and then ran up and over the ridge and out of sight.

I saw badgers today, too. And ground squirrels and jack rabbits and a couple of other small mammals that I couldn't identify. I suppose if I were native to this area, it would all be commonplace. But I'm not, and I am in awe. I cannot wait to see ( literally) what tomorrow brings!

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