Life is Good

It's two days before Christmas. I sway, oh-so- slowly, in my hammock,

warmed by my campfire crackling nearby. The clouds of the last few days have cleared and I can see a vast and endless array of stars above me. Bleu is in the camper sleeping, after hours of running through the desert this afternoon. Life is good.

I made some new friends in the last few days. They have invited me to join them for Christmas dinner and I have happily accepted. I plan to bring a yummy shrimp appetizer and I'm making chocolate truffles for dessert. I'm looking forward to it.

Today I met a few more people. Everyone has a story it seems. I like to hear their stories and I enjoy telling my own. The bond and community feeling between campers and RVers and "nomads" is undeniable. It sucks you in, it becomes a part of you and you wonder how you ever lived any other way. Or, at least I, personally, wonder how I ever lived another way. I suppose it is different for everyone.

I feel at peace and at home. The desert has cooled for the night, and the air feels chilly. I am still swaying in the breeze. I can see Bleu inside the camper. He has woken up and is watching me from the comfort of his bed. My fire is just about done. I'm ready to head inside for the night.

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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