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Jefferson, Texas

What a fabulous place! Jefferson, TX is about an hour west of Shreveport, LA., which is also pretty fabulous. In fact, I spent about a week in and around Shreveport, most notably in Bossier City. There was a cool little waterfront and boardwalk area with shops and restaurants and casinos. I boondocked right across the river near a boat launch and across from a dog park. The dog park was really nice, one of my favorites so far, although Hookset, NH still holds the top spot. Hooksett is gonna be tough to beat!

But it was at the riverfront where I met Raela and Tyler, an incredibly nice couple who were traveling in a green schoolie that they re-did themselves. I got to see the inside, and Wow! I loved it and can still feel pangs of jealousy as I write this! They were hanging out and playing with their pupper (who's name I've forgotten..ugh!) Bleu, being Bleu, ran over to initiate introductions. We got to talking and learned we are traveling a similar route, just headed in opposite directions. We had fun talking about our experiences and shared tips on places to see and stay. That is how I heard about Jefferson!

At first I couldn't figure out why Jefferson was ringing such a bell in my head. I went on FB and realized that Donna, a friend from my hometown of Glen Rock, NJ., had a Bed and Breakfast there. Well!! I had to go now! So I reached out and Donna responded and a few days later we spent a couple of hours together, talking and laughing and catching up. It was wonderful. I felt warmed from the inside and was reminded, yet again, how people, and connecting, is more important than anything else.

No pictures of Donna and I unfortunately. But we were too busy talking to get out our phones!

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