It's Raining, It's Pouring,...

Wigz is loudly snoring....

I don't know if she bumped her head, but I do know she won't get out of bed this morning. Frankly, that is fine with me and I am quite happy to sleep in and then spend the morning lazing around.

I stayed up last night watching the Social Dilemma. (Thank you, Sue, for the recommendation.) There is some pretty scary stuff going on in a pretty scary time. And I was up even later, mulling it all over. Everyone should see this film.

Meanwhile, I am still here in SW Tennessee, waiting for the delivery of a new motor, for the slide on the RV. Tight quarters for Wiggy and I is an understatement, but it is not unbearable by any stretch. I am surrounded by mountains and forest, the leaves are just beginning to change, the air is cool and pleasant and everyone I've met here has been friendly and positive. If I have to spend a bunch of time waiting, this is a pretty good place to do it....

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