It's all about the journey...

I like Tallahassee. I spent the morning walking with Wiggy all over the city center and then a few residential neighborhoods. Then we wandered through Cascade Park where I noticed that they would be holding a huge New Year's Eve event. I saw Oak trees and Maple trees and leaves that had changed color. I saw homes and streets that reminded me of Jersey. I found myself getting incredibly homesick for the Northeast. It was a strange feeling.

It was getting close to check out time and there was so much more I wanted to see. And a party in Cascade Park sounded like fun. So I decided to stay here a few days longer. Then we headed back to the hotel to make arrangements.

Next up was a hike along the Tallahassee-St. Mark's historic trail. An easy walk and very quiet aand peaceful. The perfect way to end the day.

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