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It's about time!

I have been MIA for a while now, much longer than I meant to be. My life and thus, Wigglez World, have undergone some pretty big changes. It's about time I catch you all up with what is going on.

I'm writing this from my new home, which is currently, albeit temporarily, parked at an undisclosed location in Vero Beach, FL. The undisclosed location is not intended to be mysterious in any way, it is simply because this is the internet and public forum, so, safety and privacy first. But, I digress.....

Wait, what? New home? Parked? Yes and yes.

The roadtrip I took in January was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I hate to use a cliche and say that it was "life-altering", but the fact of the matter is, my life is significantly altered! I did a lot of soul searching and reflection while I traveled, in between hiking and exploring. And I continued the process once I returned to West Palm Beach. And when all was said and done, I decided that another road trip was in order. Only this time, it would be long-term, or perhaps even permanent.

Now don't get me wrong, this was not a decision made lightly or easily. A ton of research, online, offline, live conversation and on and on, went into the final decision. I made lists of pros and cons, I considered-and then reconsidered-what I would need to give up, as well as what I would gain. I made the decison to sell my house and buy a Campervan or RV. And then I changed my mind. And then I changed it back. I went back and forth in my head countless times, but in the end, I sold my house, gave away, sold or donated a majority of my "stuff" and bought a Thor Four Winds Class C Motorhome. I am ready to hit the road once again.....but for Covid-19.

So for now, Wiggy and I are hunkered down in Vero, enjoying the close proximity to my Sister and Dad and Nina, and practicing our social distancing as much as possible. And struggling to practice patience as well. And we wait.....

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