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In the Desert...

... not only can you remember your name, but you can stumble upon some very interesting/ unique creations.

Bleu and I headed out into the desert this morning for a hike in the wilderness. I wanted to check out an area we hadn't been to yet. It was a bit further away than we typically roam, so I stuffed my backpack with extra water and supplies. (It is the desert after all, and there is no place to stop and get a drink if we get thirsty.)

We made our way to the edge of town, me smiling or waving at those I have come to know this past week, and Bleu sniffing or barking at his many pupper friends. Have I mentioned how social Bleu is?? He has to, absolutely has to, meet every single dog whose path we cross. The whole concept of unfriendly is absolutely foreign to him.

Once outside of town, I release Bleu's leash and off he goes. I love that he has so much space to safely run and chase and explore and really, just be a dog. Plus, not to jinx anything, but his recall has vastly improved.

We wandered this way and that, but overall headed towards the area I wanted to explore. But, as I have learned, things do not always go according to plan. Sometimes, the universe has something better to show you.

Here is what we found:

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