I made it!!

I'm here in Alamogordo, NM., home of White Sands National Monument. I cannot wait to see it and play in it! It is so much colder here than I expected but I will just layer layer layer.

Getting here was interesting. I drove through Linvoln National Forest, which is in the Sacramento Mountains. It was one lane in each direction, very steep and curvy, lots of huge trucks aand it snowed! Not a lot mind you, but there was plenty of snow already on the ground. I was so excited for Wiggy to see it and play in it. Finally I found a place I could pull a little of the road. I parked and let Wigz out of the car. She HATED it!! I couldn't believe it but she did. Totally surprised me!

So we continued our trip and finally made it down the mountain. It's cold here, in the 40s, but no snow. Wiggy aand I are in our room staring warm aand toasty. She is snoring away with her head in my lap and tomorrow should be a great day!

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