Heading South

Yes, South. Not West. Plans are made to change just like rules are made to be broken. But it is what it is and I will see Montana eventually.

Meanwhile, at least I'll enjoy the ride. (Any Deadheads out there?) For the most part I have been just driving I95, as opposed to my normal backroad routes. It's a whole different animal, but I get to see another part of the world on my stops. And believe it or not, the billboards along the way are quite helpful!!

Yesterday I kept seeing a sign for "Dog Park 3 Acres!). So of course, I had to stop. It was no 3 acres and there were no other dogs there, so I just took Bleu for a walk and wrote it off as a dud of a stop.

BUT. When we got back to the camper, there was a woman, looking as disappointed as me, and her dog there. So we went back inside the fence, I had a lovely time chatting with Tanya(?) and Bleu got to play. Just what we needed.

Afterwards, as we continued down I95, there were signs for Roanoke Rapids. OK. It's a hot day, let's check it out. What a great spot!! A raft launch area where Bleu could swim, huge playing fields for him to run, great scenery for me to photograph and super easy parking made for a win win. It was tough to tear ourselves away. But we did.

We got back on the road and drove another hour or so, before boondocking for the night. We woke up to a gloriously cool and sunny morning, and then had such a fun day, that we stayed another night. Life is good.

Here are a few pictures...


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