Everyone Should See This Place...

Orr Park is your typical community park in Shelby County, Alabama. It has a walking trail, ballfields, a playground and a picnic area, etc. There is a creek that runs through it with a couple of picturesque bridges for walking across the water. All in all, it is a lovely place to spend a few hours or even, an entire afternoon.

But that is not why everyone should see it. Orr Park has something special, something I've never seen before. I don't know if anything similar exists.

Artist Tim Tingle decided to add his special touch to this park. He decided to create Tinglewood Forest. Mr. Tingle began carving on dead trees in the park, rather than see them cut down. His carvings are whimsical and fun, fantastical or fierce, and they are scattered throughout the whole park. I walked the park with my head on a swivel!

Look at these creations!

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