Dinner Time!

I love to cook, always have. (I'm pretty big on eating, too!) My Grandma taught me a great deal when I was a child, I've taken some classes and read a million books and articles. I am not one for following a recipe (unless it comes to baking), I would rather experiment and test things out. That is what I have always done, and for the most part, the results were pretty good-in the kitchen! With a stove! Or an oven!

Cooking over an open flame is a whole new ballgame for me. Yes, I have a stove and an oven in the RV. I have a crockpot and an electric skillet and every thing I need to prepare meals in the traditional (boring) way. But I'm camping! I'm living life differently! And I love campfires! So, I decided it was time to learn to prepare something other than s'mores and hamburgers over the flames.

First I focused on learning to actually cook my food, rather than burning the outside and leaving the inside raw. Once I mastered that part, it was time to get creative. I had a couple of disasters along the way...and those meals went straight into the garbage, (by which I mean that Wiggy ate them!!) But a few meals were pretty good. And tonight, was the best I have accomplished so far. Behold! Old Bay Shrimp and Stir Fry Veggies over Smashed Cauliflower...Yummy and Healthy!

Now, if I can only remember what I did when I want to make it again!

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