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Champagne and Caviar

Not my typical RV snack, but a very welcome treat... along with a most enjoyable day... and best of all, new friendships for both Bleu and I.

I meet a lot of people on this crazy journey, and I wholeheartedly believe that there is a reason for every single "path- crossing". Sometimes a real friendship develops and we stay in touch enough to get together again a year or so later. (Hi Christina!) Sometimes it is a simple, but genuine, conversation that I carry with me afterwards,and sometimes, often, in fact, my role is just to listen. Sometimes I listen and learn, occasionally I advise, but mostly I am just there to listen. I am astounded by how many (all??) people need someone to listen. Adding a little empathy just ices the cake.

But I digress. (I have always wanted to use that phrase!!!)

I wanted to write about yesterday and meeting a (hopefully) new friend. Bleu and I were on our usual morning walk. We were basically in the middle of nowhere, with open fields, a fishing hole and some woods. I thought it unlikely that we'd see anyone, but I was wrong. A woman was headed our way, with four dogs of her own. Bleu saw them and was ecstatic. New doggy friends!!!

As we got closer, we made the typical dog owner inquiries... are they dog- friendly? How old? Etc. She let one of her pups off leash and I let Bleu go. They took off together, running and jumping and basically being joyful dogs.

Meanwhile, she and I chatted. We were both pretty fascinated by each other and made sure to connect on FB. Then we called our respective dogs back and went our separate ways. And that was that. Or so I thought.

A short time later I got a FB message. Would Bleu and I like to come over that afternoon? Bleu could swim in the pool and romp with the dogs, and we could relax and talk some more... and we could swim too.

How fun! It would be the perfect way to spend such beautiful afternoon. I replied that we'd love to. And then, me being me, I immediately started coming up with a million reasons that I was unable to make it.

Thankfully, I was able to quiet that safety- seeking voice.

So I went. Irina and her family were welcoming as could be, Bleu had his first ever pool experience, and I enjoyed it all. Thank you, Irina, for such a lovely day!

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