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But Not Today...

I am staying in a local RV park and there is really nothing wrong with it. It is clean, smack dab in the middle of civilization, management is more than accommodating, but that is not what I am looking for. Wiggy is happy enough, actually more than happy enough, trotting along a sidewalk, smelling the litter and trash along the way, ducking into empty parking lots and she absolutely loves dumpsters. Me, not so much.

We have been here a few days and will be for a few more, so I rented a car. And yesterday and today we went to a park. A great big park, with trails and trees and flowers and bushes and weeds and mud-exactly what I thought we needed. Wiggy chased squirrels and lizards and I smiled at her antics. All was right within my little world. Usually that is enough. Usually that is enough to bring me peace and make me smile.

But not today. Today, before our excursion to the park, I drank my coffee and scanned the headlines as is typical. And then I watched the second video of George Floyd's death. The first video was already horrifying. I have no words for the second. I clearly heard Mr. Floyd say he could not breathe. I clearly heard him beg for his life. I clearly saw him as no threat whatsoever to the police or anyone else. And I very clearly saw the "officer" intentionally push down harder with his knee. He increased the pressure on purpose. Purposely! What kind of person does this? What kind of people are supposed to be upholding the law and keeping us all safe? What kind of world do I live in?

A day in the woods with Wiggy almost always brings me peace. But right now, all I feel is sorrow.

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