It is 57 degrees this morning in Grand Isle, La. But the sun is shining, the birds are chirping aand the water is glistening, so I predict a gorgeous day. We arrived here yesterday afternoon and I have fallen in love with this little barrier island. The first thing I did was go to see what used to be a Coast Guard Base. Not just any Coast Guard Base, but the one where my Dad was stationed. It is now a town hall aand I imagine it looked very different at the time, but it was still pretty cool to be there. Further down the block, at the end, was a cute little park that looked relatively new, so Wigz and I wandered around looking and smelling. Then, back up the block, across the street and over the levee to The Gulf of Mexico! Wigz took one look at the sand and water and was off like a shot. The tide was low and the water was calm. She splashed aand played and barked.... aand barked and barked. It was warm in the sun and we spent the rest of the day there. It started getting cooler when the sun went down so we found some food and rented an adorable little cottage on stilts right between the Gulf and the bay. I can see both from the front porch. Today we're are going to check out Grand Isle State Park at the end of the island and then continue our trek West. I'll post pictures and a video later on the the gallery. Have a great day everyone!!

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