As I was Walking Down the Street One Day...

Actually, I was driving, but random song lyrics always seem to pop into my head.... anyhow..

I was driving through East Chattanooga, a little ahead of schedule, (yes, really!) and I saw this weird looking thing in the distance. I turned off the main road and headed towards it and came to a sign that said Sculpture Park. That was all, just Sculpture Park. OK. I followed the arrow on the sign, and then another and another. I noticed the neighborhood was a little less than pristine and there were some abandoned warehouse buildings, but, in for a penny, in for a pound-right? (I double checked the door locks and woke Wiggy up though....)

A few more turns and I came to the entrance and parking lot. There were only a couple of people there, but they were very "non-thug-like" and didn't seem nervous to be there, so I parked. Wiggy and I got out of the car to look around and this is what we found.....

Maybe I should have titled this "Road Less Traveled"...

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