I never really gave much thought to the State of Arkansas. But recently my sister-Hi jes!- has expressed an interest in visiting the State aand Interstate 40 passes right through it, so I made two overnight stops.

The first night I spent in Fort Smith. When I pulled off the highway, I was really surprised at how artsy and eclectic the downtown area seemed to be. I spent the second night in Little Rock. The natural beauty of Arkansas is stunning.

On the other hand, I did not like the people I came in contact with. Throughout this entire trip, until now, I have found almost everyone i encountered to be pleasant, helpful, kind aand smiling. In Arkansas, i experienced disdain, surliness and even downright nastiness. If it had been only one or two people I likely would not have given it a second thought. But it was every single interaction I had.

I doubt that I will return to Arkansas.

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