An Experiment.

As I expected, most of the recreational services and activities up here are closed or limited due to CoronaVirus. There are not very many other campers and those that are here tend to (wisely) keep their distance. Thus, I spend the majority of my time hiking with Wiggy.

Yes, there are some lovely, well groomed nature trails, but no, when one hikes with Wigz, that is not where you go. Our daily excursion starts with her on a leash, and we head to a trailhead. Once we are sufficiently away from the campground I remove the leash. From that point forward, Wiggy follows her nose, and I follow Wiggy. She will charge ahead through the underbrush and "overbrush", intent on whatever scent it is that she has caught. I follow, ducking branches, jumping logs, circling holes and avoiding spiderwebs as best I can. It is the spiderwebs that prompted today's experiment because, the truth is, I love everything about our hikes, with one exception. I love the pace, the exertion, the sights, sounds and smells. BUT. I do not love spiderwebs. I really, really don't.

Ever a realist, I know that spiderwebs exist and are going to exist and there is no way around that fact. Ok. But it sure would be great if I could be more comfortable, or even less uncomfortable with them. My limited knowledge of spiders and their webs tells me that spiders are not inherently dangerous to people. The large majority are not poisonous. The webs they spin are designed to trap other insects, not people. In fact, the webs ensnare other insects that are potentially injurious to me. And objectively, the webs are truly wonders of nature. They are intricately and beautifully designed; works of art, if you will. The impossibly thin and delicate- looking strands are amazingly strong and resilient, and silky to the touch, if a bit sticky.

So I decided to try an experiment. Rather than avoid the webs, rather than shrink from their touch, I would actively seek them out. No more yelps of terror when tangled in these torturous traps; instead I would luxuriate in the feel of these satiny smooth strands against my skin. Change your mindset, change your life-right?

Not so much. The experiment failed.

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