"All the way to Tucumcari..."

I did it! I drove on (what little is left of) Rt. 66! At this point in time, most of the old highway is gone and Interstate 40 has taken its place. However, there are still small sections of the iconic highway that are accessible. In Tucumcari they run through very rural and rundown Americana, but driving through was an experience that I am so glad I had. My head was on a swivel as I drove around in wonder. I kept stopping aand jumping out to take pictures. Wigz thought I had lost my mind! But it was fabulous. I felt a true nostalgia for something I was never a part of in the first place.

Finally it was time to move on. I got back on 40 East and continued driving. Amarillo was only about an hour down the road and that required a stop at the Cadillac Ranch. Wiggy aand I got out of the car for a good look and some pictures. The wind was whipping at 40 to 50 mph., so we didn't stay very long. It was definitely one of the most unique sights I have ever seen. Pictures of course are in the gallery.

Tonight we are in Shamrock, Tx. Tomorrow, who knows!

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